Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective holds up and is still incredibly funny!  This is the Jim Carey we fell in love with and it was fun revisiting this one.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Sky: If you’re struggling to pay your apartment rent at 35, you’re doing something wrong.

  • Ace’s career, while noble, isn’t so lucrative.  If you can’t keep the lights on, what good are you to the lost pets of the world?

Dusty: There is always time for good hygiene.

  • Pop dem pimples!

Instant replay… magical!

Sky: Blaming others for your issues will lead to your downfall.

  • Einhorn/Finkle became a police lieutenant and could’ve led a happy life if she’d just given up on her need for revenge.

Dusty: You need to be perceptive and come to conclusions if you want to be a detective.

  • Attention to detail is critical, and Ace has it as demonstrated by his schooling of the human detectives.

“He found Captain Winky!”

Sky: Don’t leave a calling card when you pull a fast one.

  • “You’ve been had by Ace Ventura”. You’re just inviting some jacked-up meathead to come find and pulverize you.

Dusty: Be persistent and never give up.

  • Ace wasn’t giving up.  When he hit a dead end, he went back to the start because there was obviously something missing.

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Pretty low, but it’s pretty close with critics at 47% and the audience at 57% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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