Angel Has Fallen | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #65

Angel Has Fallen was a bummer of a movie!  Too predictable and nowhere nearly as enjoyable as its predecessors.  What a terrible way to conclude a franchise.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from Angel Has Fallen

Dusty’s 3-parter:

  1. Grab your victim’s guns.
  2. Beware of your surroundings and always know the exits.
  3. Train as if it’s real so you won’t be dead when it is.

Sky:  Simple plans are the most effective. 

  • Their plan was too fantastical. Kill the president, that’s it. Why set somebody up for the fall and kill every secret service agent?

Nick Nolte… Angel’s only saving grace

Dusty: Get a phone and start live streaming everything

  • Use the technology of today to begin proving your innocence.

Sky:  Don’t get plastic surgery.

  • Now you look fake.

We’re not plastic surgery fans.

Dusty: Lions do what lions do

  • When the crap hits the fan, you react naturally and show your true stripes.

Gerard Butler as Mike Banning.


Sky: It’s better to know when to quit than to stick around and hurt your loved ones.

  • Maybe not a great lesson, but Dusty’s right.  If you need to change, work to change for the betterment of yourself and your loved ones.

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Rotten Tomatoes score:

  • The Audience: 94%
  • The Critics: 39%

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