Army of Darkness (1993) | Review and Lessons Learned #58

Army of Darkness is still one of our favorites!  We saw it back in ’93 with our grandma and a cousin, but the two of us enjoyed it more than anyone else in the theater.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from Army of Darkness

Dusty: Always have a firearm on you.

  • You need something to protect yourself (and to battle the deadite armies that are inevitably on their way).

Sky: Do not read from the Necronomicon. 

  • It’s like saying Beetlejuice three times, just don’t take the chance (whether you believe or not).

This is my boomstick!

Dusty: Pay attention to details.

  • When something important comes up (like reciting some tough to remember Latin words with dire consequences for messing up), you’ve got to do what you must to get it correct.  This holds true for your boss at work or your wife giving you a complicated task.

Alternate Ending – 6 century sleep gone wrong

Sky: Learn from your mistakes. 

  • Mistakes are fine to make, as long as you work to not repeat them. This is something I’m always working on as a poker player. Every mistake is your opportunity to improve yourself. So when Ash made the mistake the first time of not writing the words down and not reciting them properly, he should realize that he’s not all that adept at remembering unfamiliar Latin terms, so he should figure out a way around this. Writing them down is one solution.

We love the absurdity that is Army of Darkness

Dusty:  Keep chemistry books in the back of your car JIC you need to make some gun powder.

  • Yep, right there next to your bag full of spare clothes.

We are super huge fans of the skeleton army


Sky: Don’t pick a fight with the guy with a gun.

  • “Good… Bad… I’m the guy with the gun.”

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Wow, the critics are at 72% on Rotten Tomatoes!?  How does that happen?  Way to go critics, finally judging a movie based on its intent and not what you want (Audience at 87% of course).

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