Avengers: Infinity War | Episode 38

Originally aired on 6.21.18 as our first episode

We LOVED Avengers: Infinity War.  Plenty of action, great characters and story, along with lots to learn.

Lessons Learned:

Movies can save your life.

  • Peter Parker utilizing ‘Aliens’ to defeat the Maw.

Anger screws everything up.

  • Starlord beating on Thanos (but maybe this was the only way to win in the end?)
  • Drax attacking Thanos, ruining Starlord’s plan on Nowhere
  • Iron Man going ballistic and trying to kill Winter Soldier, exacerbating his rift with Cap (from ‘Captain America: Civil War’)

Sometimes you win when your opponent thinks they’ve won.

  • Thanos thinks he’s won, that’s how he will eventually lose.  Dr. Strange sees this as the one way they won out of the 14,000,605 possible futures he viewed.

All power in one place is deadly. “Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  • Thanos has “good” intentions now, but it could turn into a thirst for power later.

Don’t let your pride get in the way, especially between you and your friends.

  • The rift between Iron Man and Captain America makes it so the Avengers don’t fully assemble to fight Thanos (yet).

Learn more about this movie from IMDB.

Critics at 85% and Audience at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Why not 100%?!

We’ll revisit Ant-man and the Wasp next week before we finally get the time to watch Captain Marvel.