Galaxy Quest (1999) | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #31

Sky enjoyed Galaxy Quest a bit more than Dusty did, but we both recommend this one to the listeners.  Great sci-fi action and story, tons of comedy and great performances by all! Some good lessons were learned, great props taken home and no minors/miners were harmed in the making of this episode.

Replayed as a WAL Classic, episode #76 on 11.28.19.

Lessons Learned from Galaxy Quest

Sky: Never give up, never surrender.

  • Jason Nesmith’s (Tim Allen) iconic line.  Yep, a great life lesson to live by.

Dusty: Fully engage with everyone you talk with and take every person seriously.

  • They want to meet their favorite celebrity, give it to them (assuming they aren’t too pushy).

Sky: Never meet your heroes.

  • Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) disappointed a lot of fans with his short attitude at the beginning of the film. This could turn these people off to you forever because they’ll remember this one interaction above all others.

Dusty: If you ever become a celebrity, don’t let it get to your head and be a jerk.

  • Totally… don’t pull a Heigl.

Sky: Always do what you know is right and stand by your actions.

  • The crew of the NSEA Protector knew that keeping up the charade with the “historical documents” was wrong, yet they went with it until things got too dangerous.

Dusty: Leave when you are on top (or just starting your decent).

  • Once your time has passed, find something new. You never want to be a has-been.

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We’re flipping it on Rotten Tomatoes this time.  Critics at 90% with the audience at 78%.  It’s fresh either way, but Sky hates agreeing with critics. Eh, it happens.

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