Gemini Man | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #70

Gemini Man was a little fun, but that CG pulled us right out of the movie every time. Fun story, though, with Mission Impossible overtones.

Lessons Learned from Gemini Man

Sky: If you’ve gotta own a van, choose double-sliding doors so you always have an exit.

  • And, wire that puppy so the doors can open while driving (unless kids are in the car).

Dusty: When fighting your clone, just put a bullet in their head.

  • When it’s you or him, you gotta choose #1.

Junior vs gristled veteran Henry Brogan

Sky: As a spy, your government will eventually come after you.  Have an escape plan.

  • Hatch in floor, check!  Bug out bag with guns and cash, check!  Good looking chick to escape with, check!

Dusty: Look for bugs.  

  • They’re always listening.
  • Pick-up your own listening device detector (bug wand).

The only time Brogan (and Dusty) experiences happiness

Dusty: Know yourself.

  • If it’s you you’re fighting, you know what would attract you, so use that against you (understand?).

The CG is more believable in the darkend scenes.  Don’t get me started on that ending scene in broad daylight.  Yeesh!

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Rotten Tomatoes score:

  • The Audience: 84%
  • The Critics: 25%

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