Hunter Killer | Spoiler Review & Lessons Learned #22

We enjoyed the action, suspense and story of Hunter Killer.  Perfect pacing, great acting, awesome underwater visuals and killer submarine action.

Lessons Learned from Hunter Killer

Always take the shot when you have it.

  • Don’t wait!  Your goal is to win, so when you have the shot, take it.

Dusty out hunting with the boys

Start off on the right foot with your new boss. Be the can-do, will-do, go-to guy for your boss.

  • We hated how Negative Nancy XO Edwards (Carter McIntyre) kicked it off with his Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) with “It’s going to be impossible to find the men.”

Never join the Navy or you will be put into a large tin can and never see the sun.

  • Not a fan of the close-quarters, no-sun, stinky-men inherent in submarine life.

Cooler heads prevail so try to keep your head about you and look at the situation objectively.

  • Jayne Norquist (Linda Cardellini) kept a cool head, saw the situation for what it was and made some great decisions and points in the meeting and with Common’s character of RA Fisk. Also, Gary Oldman’s character of Donnegan was already on edge from his earlier meeting with those other military guys about how things were heating up with Russia.

Resting Bitch Face

Start a YouTube channel for your protection.

  • YouTube is great for going LIVE when you’re being chased by Jason Vorhees!

Loyalty… it’s fantastic!

  • Yeppers, Captain Andropov (Michael Nyqvist) is a great commanding officer.  His men disobeyed a direct order from their current captain to not fire on the sub. If you’re loyal to your men, train them well and support them in their job, they’ll be indebted to you.

Here it is, but we wouldn’t recommend watching the Hunter Killer official trailer before seeing the movie:

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