Overlord | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #24

Overlord was super fun, realistic and gruesome.  What a great mash-up of WWII battles and Zombie hysterics.  We both recommend it highly.  The acting was great, the special effects and the gore rocked, the WWII action was spot on and the story made sense (most of it, anyway).

Lessons Learned from Overlord

When it’s a matter of life and death keep your mind in-the-now. You should be 100% consumed with completing your mission and getting out alive.

  • Sky knew that writer was going to die as soon as he started talking about the future.

Learn another language.

  • Ed (Jovan Adepo) was able to befriend Chloe (Mathilde Ollivier) with his command of the French language.

Curiosity killed the cat.

  • Ed was risking his life snooping around the church underground instead of trying to exit straight away.

Never send one man to handle a prisoner.

  • Sending Chase (Iain De Caestecker) alone to deal with Wafner (Pilou Asbaek) was a bad move. He’s just a photographer, after all.

Never look back when running away from an exploding church.

  • Why’s Ed looking back?!  It slows you down, foo!!!

Do not bring the mortally wounded back from dead. It never works out.

  • Remember Pet Sematary or the Lazarus Effect? Neo from The Matrix (shot in the matrix) or Frank Bannister (frozen/strangled) in The Frighteners (Michael J. Fox) are okay because of the non-mortally wounded death.

Bonus Lesson: Be quiet when you’re behind enemy lines.  No chit-chat, Kathy!

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Another close one!  Audience at 76% and critics at 81% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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