Peppermint (2018, Jennifer Garner) | Episode 16

Jennifer Garner killed it as the vengeance seeking mother Riley North in Peppermint.  We thoroughly enjoyed this revenge genre movie, even though it didn’t bring anything new.  The violence was extremely satisfying and the audience is on Riley’s side the entire way.

Lessons Learned from Peppermint

Don’t allow low-life friends talk you into anything. In fact, ditch your low-life friends.

  • If Riley’s husband Chris didn’t associate with low-lives, their family would still be intact.

Never rob or mess around with drug dealers.

  • Right along with Sky’s lesson above, stay away from drug dealers.  If there’s one thing we learned from the ’80’s arcade game “NARC”, it’s that when you battle drug dealers, you ultimately face off against a giant head shooting laser eyes and tongues at you:
Riley getting bloody judgy vengeance
Riley getting bloody, judgy vengeance

Don’t talk, just do it. Be like John Wick or Bryan Mills in Taken.

  • Riley almost failed in her mission because she just had to get close to Diego to tell him off before she kills him.

Bullets come out of the gun at a very fast speed and goes far to your target. Never get close!

  • This goes right along with the lesson above… don’t talk and don’t stand close.  Just pull the trigger from a distance.
Loved this Fight Club-esque life changing moment from Riley North
Loved this Fight Club-esque life changing moment from Riley North

When you’re taking on a Goliath, hit ‘em where they’re most vulnerable.

  • Riley started off her vengeance by hitting drug shipments and low-level thugs before moving to the big dogs and alerting them to her mission.

Have more than one kid.

  • Kids keep each other company and entertained.

Peppermint trailer:

Sky mentioned a couple of great movies: Hush and The Belko Experiment (click for IMDB pages)

Check out Keanu’s 3-gun skills:

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Wow! Is it possible for critics to be more out of touch with the audience?  Critics at 11% and audience at 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.  No wonder we don’t trust the opinions of critics.

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