Skyscraper | Episode 8

Skyscraper was a fun yet seen-it-all-before summer blockbuster movie.  We loved The Rock and the death-defying action in this ‘Die Hard’ repeat.

Lessons Learned from Skyscraper:

When you make the best decision you can with the information you’re given, accept the outcome.

  • Poker players (like Sky) have to deal with this in every session they play.
  • Sawyer made a “correct” call to not shoot the father during the hostage situation.  

Always try the easy way first.

  • Sawyer quickly popped the unlocked cockpit door open instead of having to smash it open, saving a little bit of time.

If you’re going to die anyway, take as many with you as you can.

  • Sky liked seeing the head of security taking out the helicopter and pilot in order to ruin the bad guys’ plan.

If you have the shot, take it. Don’t hesitate and eliminate the threat.

  • Dusty felt that within the initial hostage situation, they should’ve just taken out the father when they had the chance.  You can’t argue with this given how the situation resolved itself. 

Keep guns in your safe room.

  • It’s a no-brainer to have weapons for self-defense (just like Zhao Long Ji did). If they find out how to open the door, you’ve gotta have a backup plan.

 Don’t give over complete control of your $6.5 billion security system to anyone.

  •  Terrible idea of giving Sawyer that tablet that can bring everything down.

Never build a safe room because, as movies will show you, have safe room… will use.

 Teach your kids to run away from men with guns.

  • Stranger = danger and men with guns = danger. It’s easy for a “nice” stranger to win the trust of a child.

Learn more about this movie from IMDB.

Yep, as expected there’s a hug gap between critics at 49% and the audience at 79% Rotten Tomatoes.

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