Spider-man: Far From Home | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #55

Spider-man: Far From Home was amazing! (pun intended)  Great story, a cool and believable villain, tons of humor and great webbing action.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from Spider-man: Far From Home

Sky: Honesty is the best policy.

  • Ned’s lie stuck Peter between the teachers for the entire flight. Just say, “Hey, MJ, want to sit next to me?” I like the plan, but be honest and direct instead.

Dusty: Always check to see if the place is open on the website. 

  • Mr. Harrington neglected to check the website prior to their trip.  Dusty went to Florence and the David sculpture museum was closed.

Yeah, a bit stiff up there on stage

Sky: Always have a backup plan.

  • Quentin had a great backup plan for blaming Spider-man in case they got into a fight and the illusions were exposed. In the real world, always consider what could go wrong and plan for it (even if Sky doesn’t always do that).

Jake Gyllenhaall as Mysterio was a great choice

Dusty: Always trust your Peter Tingle (gut).

  • When something feels wrong/bad/dangerous, that’s your subconscious (gut) alerting you to the danger.  Heed your Peter Tingle just like Spider-man did.

Sky:  Surround yourself with smart, capable people.

  • CEO’s, managers and Mysterio have great teams that allow them to succeed with their plans.

You want the people close to you safe, but you expose her as someone that Spider-man knows?  Really?!

Dusty: Don’t apologize for being the smartest in the room.

  • This was a great line from Mysterio to get Peter on his side.

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Another consensus!  The Critics at (94%) and Audiences (98%) on Rotten Tomatoes agree on this one.  Now, a positive RT score means that the person giving the rating thinks the movie is worth seeing.  What kind of Critic or Audience member says you shouldn’t see this?  There are some joyless people in this world.  What a shame.

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