Killing Gunther Movie Review Spoiler and Lessons Learned (2017)

killing gunther

Killing Gunther didn’t really work for us. Their were some fun elements like poison goofs and Mission Impossible masks, but not enough to have us recommending this one.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Life Lessons Learned from Killing Gunther

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Dusty: Play chess.

  • Chess forces you to learn how to think 4-5 moves ahead… exactly the kind of skill an assassin (or poker player) needs.

Sky: You can’t cheat your way to being the best. 

  • If you take out the world’s #1 assassin, you’re aren’t the best by extension. You’re not even the “best of what’s left”. To be the best, you’ve got to work hard to earn it.

Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger) facing off against Blake (writer/director Taran Killam).

Dusty: Patience is key.

  • Not that Dusty IS an assassin (wink wink), patience leads to success. Plan it out for a fool proof mission with an escape route.

Sky: Never attack the world’s greatest assassin on his own turf.

  • Don’t give him the home field advantage.

Sky’s a huge fan of Bobby Moynihan, playing the explosives expert Donnie.


Rotten Tomatoes scores:

  • The Audience: 28%
  • The Critics: 48%


  • D from Dusty and Sky

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