Brigsby Bear Movie Review and Lessons Learned

Brigsby Bear

Brigsby Bear divided the brothers! Sky loved it, Dusty hated it. Dusty found disturbing possibilities behind the movie, Sky just saw the heart felt story.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Life Lessons Learned from Brigsby Bear

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Dusty: Don’t leave it up to television to teach your children.

  • It’s a parent’s responsibility to teach the kids right and wrong and to guide them into being great people. The sense from the movie is that Tim (played by Mark Hamill) relied on his show to teach James life’s big lessons.

Sky: Creativity is the spice of life.

  • Without James’ pursuit to create the Brigsby Bear movie, he could’ve easily just been a victim and a couch potato watching Netflix and surfing the web all day and everybody would’ve allowed that. His goal of making the movie led to friendships and accomplishing a great feat.

Mark Hamill plays the kidnapping “father” of James, played by Kyle Mooney.

Dusty: Focus on your passions and do it.

  • This leads to happiness in life and potentially, huge success.

Sky: It doesn’t matter what they think. 

  • “What if they don’t like it?” Spencer was right when he said it doesn’t matter what they think. And, if they don’t like it, good. Learn from this experience as you make another movie. Figure out what they didn’t like, what didn’t work, and make necessary changes.

Sky would definitely watch a Brigsby Bear movie. Loving this nostalgic ’80’s look.


Rotten Tomatoes scores:

  • The Audience: 86%
  • The Critics: 82%


  • F from Dusty
  • A from Sky

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Green Street Hooligans (2005) Starring Charlie Hunnam and Elijah Wood

Green Street Hooligans is a violent yet compelling movie about having your friend’s back and never backing down from a fight. Definitely worth watching for the story line and seeing Elijah Wood’s soft character of Matt Buckner grow under the wing of Charlie Hunnam’s tough-as-nails character Pete Dunham.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Life Lessons Learned from Green Street Hooligans

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Sky: Never leave a mate behind.

  • Loyalty is important in this life; to your friends, your family, your country.

Dusty: Giving is better than receiving.

  • It’s great knowing your friends have your back, but as Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) says, it’s even better knowing you have their backs.

Sky: Get a hint.

  • When a legendary ruffian (Tommy Hatcher played by Geoff Bell) tells you to “shut your yammer” with 4 tough blokes backing him, do it!

Dusty: Don’t let how others view you dictate your life.

  • Pete’s and the GSE’s mission to have the best rep among all the firms led to his eventual death.

Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) goes from a weak “journo” to a tough street fighter.

Sky: Don’t take it easy on kids and let them win. 

  • If winning is difficult, they’ll work harder for it. Self esteem is better when it comes from accomplishments than via somebody giving you the win.

Dusty: We learn so much more through failure than through winning.

  • Examining your losses, finding your mistakes and working to not repeat them are critical for growth.


Rotten Tomatoes scores:

  • The Audience: 87%
  • The Critics: 47%


  • A from Sky
  • A from Dusty

Check out the IMDB page for more info.

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Ford v Ferrari | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned

We both enjoyed the real-life story of Miles’ and Shelby’s Le Mans win in 1966 in Ford v Ferrari. Bale and Damon were incredible as the two that led to victory.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from Ford v Ferrari

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Dusty: Sometimes it is worth it to take huge risks and lay everything on the line.

  • Shelby put his entire company on the line when he was confident in his team and his driver.  Inspirational.

Sky: Don’t insult somebody who can do something about it.

  • Enzo Ferrari made a huge mistake by insulting the Deuce, which prompted Ford to “go to war” against Ferrari in Le Mans.

Great acting by Christian Bale (Ken Miles) and Matt Damon (Carroll Shelby).

Dusty: Leave everything on the track.

  • Put it all on the line, run it in the red, hit 7,000 when everything is on the line and winning is the only option.

Sky: Nothing great ever comes from one man. It’s always a team effort. 

  • This win took Ford’s initiative, Shelby’s expertise and passion for racing and Miles incredible racing talents.

Ken Miles wasn’t just the driver, he worked to build the winning car as well.

Dusty: Never lie to your wife.

  • This is a critical lesson for every married man to learn sooner rather than later.  It doesn’t pay to get caught in any lie with your better half.

Shelby couldn’t race anymore, but he stuck with his love of cars and worked to accomplish the impossible.

Sky: Visualize perfection and go for it.

  • You know what perfect looks like, and even if it’s not attainable 100% of the time (like the perfect lap for Ken Miles) you must strive for it.

Rotten Tomatoes scores:

  • The Audience: 98%
  • The Critics: 92%

Check out the IMDB page for more info.

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Joker | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #69

Joker was a bleak, depressing movie.  No fun, no excitement and all drama without the characteristic genius evil-doing Batman-nemesis that we grew up with.  But, Joaquin Phoenix was good.

Sky didn’t bother with lessons learned from the bleak and boring Joker.

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Learn more about this movie from IMDB.

Rotten Tomatoes score:

  • The Audience: 69%
  • The Critics: 90% (shocking!)

Sky has chosen Gemini Man as the next movie we’ll learn from.

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