The Naked Gun (1988) starring Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley

We loved The Naked Gun! Leslie Nielsen’s comedic genius is on full display in this perfect comedy from the team that brought us Airplane!, Kentucky Fried Movie and Top Secret.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from The Naked Gun

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Sky: Always wait for backup.   

  • Confronting drug dealers solo, like Nordberg did, is a huge mistake.

Dusty: Don’t eat anything that makes you faint when you smell it.

  • Also, check the expiration date.

This cast nailed their comedic roles (OJ Simpson as Nordberg, Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin and George Kennedy as Captain Ed)

Sky: Disconnect the electronics when you’re finished broadcasting. 

  • Frank made a huge mistake hitting the head after the press conference. Nowadays, so many people are using Zoom for meetings or school, the worst thing would be if you keep the cameras or screen share going as you stand up from your chair naked or hop on a porn site.

Dusty: Always have around in the chamber.

  • Guns have a safety switch for a reason. Keep on chambered so you’re ready to rock and roll.

Sky’s choice of the Full Body Condom as his prop fits with last week’s “Anal Intruder” prop.

Sky: Learn your national anthem because you never know when you’ll be required to sing it.

  • For one, it’s your national anthem. For another, you don’t want to look foolish in front of a crowd.

Reggie Jackson (real!) and Queen Elizabeth II (also real!)


Rotten Tomatoes scores:

  • The Audience: 84%
  • The Critics: 87%


  • A+ from Sky
  • A from Dusty

Check out the IMDB page for more info.

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Top Secret Movie Review (1984) Starring Val Kilmer

Top Secret is a visually comedic tour de force. It’s a must-see comedy from the 80’s (don’t listen to this in the background while washing dishes). Fun characters & plot elements + Val Kilmer + visual gags = comedic genius!

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from Top Secret

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Dusty: Don’t change clothes in full view of others. 

  • Windows and doors = opportunity to peep. And somebody is always watching.

Sky: Be careful with your sexual toys.

  • C or D batteries are okay. But if it requires plugging in, use it with a friend and have a safe word like “Batman!”

Movie prop of the century! What a conversation starter…

Dusty & Sky: Be perceptive of your surroundings.

  • Keep yourself safe with your head on a swivel and look for danger around every corner, cows with boots and funny gags.

Loved the French revolutionary’s names like Montage, Deja Vu, Croissant, Souffle, Escargot, Latrine and Chocolate Mousse.

Dusty: Avoid uncomfortable situations and wait until your name is called.

  • A cringe worthy situation was narrowly avoided when Nick Rivers went up to address the crowd.

Sky:  Learn the language before you visit a foreign country.

  • Download a language app and practice daily before your next big trip. Learning the basics will help you feel more comfortable and enjoy your time more in a foreign country.

If you don’t pay attention, you’ll miss the swinging rag dolls.


Rotten Tomatoes scores:

  • The Audience: 80%
  • The Critics: 77%


  • B+ from Sky
  • B+ from Dusty

Check out the IMDB page for more info.

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Spaceballs (1987) | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #32

Spaceballs came out when we were kids, we loved it then… and we STILL LOVE it now!  Laugh out loud from the long Spaceball 1 intro to the wedding scene ending.  We’ve changed our grading scale, and this gets an A+ from each of us (A++++ from Dusty).

Lessons Learned from Spaceballs

Sky: Don’t run from your problems.

  • Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) ran away instead of facing her problems and saying no to her father. Running away doesn’t solve anything, your problems are still there.

Dusty: Don’t miss the big problem and go after the small one.

  • Don’t trip over dollars to pick up pennies. Leave the case with the industrial strength hair dryer.
Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) couldn’t be better in this role.

Sky: Invest in a virgin alarm.

  • For all you fathers of daughters out there.

Dusty: Change the combination on my luggage. Never set the luggage combination to 12345.

  • LOL when President Scroob (Mel Brooks) had the same combination on his luggage.

Sky: When the right thing comes around, grab onto it with both hands.

  • Lonestar (Bill Pullman) and Vespa fell in love, you’ve got to fight for that, even if she’s supposed to get married.

Dusty: Always check to see if you still have your ring when someone shakes your hand.

  • Dusty remembers this every time he gets a massage.

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Learn more about this movie from IMDB.

Wow!  Those critics scored it just below fresh on Rotten Tomatoes at 58%.  The audience is much more on-the-money here with 83%.

Sky has chosen Rocketman as the next movie we’ll learn from.

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