One Cut of the Dead Movie Review – Incredible Japanese Horror-Comedy

one cut of the dead review

One Cut of the Dead split the two of us in half. Dusty, not so much a fan. Me, Sky, absolutely loved it! The first act is weird, but acts two and three pay-off the entire story like none other.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from One Cut of the Dead

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Sky: Improvise, adapt and overcome. 

  • They were beset by so many challenges but ingenuity and an attitude of “it can be done” had them succeed in the end. The producer was about to throw in the towel but daughter Mao improvised, asserted herself and the show went on. The Director and his wife took over two parts and killed it.

Dusty: Never listen to Sky’s movie recommendations.

  • That’s one opinion. And you know what they say about opinions…

What a weird first act, but it’s paid off later!

Sky: Always be ready because today might be your time to shine.

  • The camera assistant was able to take over and did a great job because she knew the job. Also, the Director and Nao knew the script and everyone’s roles, so they could take over as well.

Dusty: Perseverance is critical to getting the job done.

  • When beset by challenges, like this team was, you have to overcome one challenge at a time on your way to success.


Sky: Constraints or restrictions force you to get creative.

  • They were given just two hours prior to showtime to make it work, and they did it. They were forced to get creative and use the resources on hand. Happy, successful ending.

Dusty: Influence others by showing them the benefit they’ll receive from doing what you want them to.

  • The Director convinced Ko, the love interest-turned-zombie, to continue with the show by telling him this is his show and it’s all about him.

Fun interplay between the “director”, “actors” and “zombies”.


Rotten Tomatoes scores:

  • The Audience: 83%
  • The Critics: 100%


  • A+ from Sky
  • Z from Dusty (bringing shame to the Matsuhashi family)

Check out the IMDB page for more info.

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Zombieland (2009) and Double Tap | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned

Zombieland and the Double Tap sequel are incredibly fun movies!  We loved the relentless zombie-killing, blood and gore, slow motion action, fun characters and comedic moments in both. Plus, Bill Murray and Elvis’ blue suede shoes!

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movies before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from Zombieland: Double Tap

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Dusty: Always confirm your kill.

  • Don’t give them a chance to get up and scurry away or resume their attack on you.

Sky: Always strive to do and be better. 

  • This is exemplified by Tallahassee’s drive to earn zombie kill of the year instead of just kill of the week.

The 4 back for more (Breslin, Harrelson, Stone and Eisenberg)

Dusty: Never park your car in someone else’s driveway.

  • In more ways than one 🙂

Sky: Kids learn by example. 

  • Little Rock left her sister just like they left Tallahassee in Columbus with the stupid little note. This is a learned behavior.  Watch what you do in front of your kids because they’re going to copy you.

Great additions to Zombieland: Nevada (Rosario Dawson), Albuquerque (Luke Wilson) and Flagstaff (Thomas Middleditch)

Dusty: The world is your toilet.

  • Out in the woods, in a swamp, your own backyard… it’s okay to whip it out.

Big fans of Madison here!

Sky: “If you love something, you shoot it in the face so it doesn’t become a flesh-eating monster.”

  • Yeppers, in the zombie apocalypse you don’t want your loved ones to turn and eat you.

Zombieland: Double Tap Rotten Tomatoes score:

  • The Audience: 90%
  • The Critics: 67%

Check out the IMDB page for more info.

Lessons Learned from Zombieland (2009)

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Sky: Live in the now!

  • If the world you’re living in won’t allow for the things you want to do, especially if your life is on the line, don’t do it.

Dusty: Don’t waste your ammo.

  • No more is being made and this is the stuff that’s helping to keep you alive. Be smart with it, Tallahassee.

Dusty loves the level-action rifle

Sky: Enjoy the little things.

  • Great lesson, take joy in the things you love to do.

Dusty: Don’t do things that bring attention to yourself, especially when your life is on the line.

  • Running an amusement park at night with the lights and music?!  Bad choice.

Some creative deaths in Zombieland

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Sky: Don’t prop the door open.

  • You’ve turned a safe exit into a portal of danger.  Know where it is, clear the way and be ready to use it.

A zombie-fied Bill Murray!


Dusty: Don’t give your gun to anybody!

  • Holy cow, bad choices made by everybody right and left in Zombieland.

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Learn more about this movie from IMDB.

Zombieland Rotten Tomatoes score:

  • The Audience: 90%
  • The Critics: 86%

Overlord | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #24

Overlord was super fun, realistic and gruesome.  What a great mash-up of WWII battles and Zombie hysterics.  We both recommend it highly.  The acting was great, the special effects and the gore rocked, the WWII action was spot on and the story made sense (most of it, anyway).

Lessons Learned from Overlord

When it’s a matter of life and death keep your mind in-the-now. You should be 100% consumed with completing your mission and getting out alive.

  • Sky knew that writer was going to die as soon as he started talking about the future.

Learn another language.

  • Ed (Jovan Adepo) was able to befriend Chloe (Mathilde Ollivier) with his command of the French language.

Curiosity killed the cat.

  • Ed was risking his life snooping around the church underground instead of trying to exit straight away.

Never send one man to handle a prisoner.

  • Sending Chase (Iain De Caestecker) alone to deal with Wafner (Pilou Asbaek) was a bad move. He’s just a photographer, after all.

Never look back when running away from an exploding church.

  • Why’s Ed looking back?!  It slows you down, foo!!!

Do not bring the mortally wounded back from dead. It never works out.

  • Remember Pet Sematary or the Lazarus Effect? Neo from The Matrix (shot in the matrix) or Frank Bannister (frozen/strangled) in The Frighteners (Michael J. Fox) are okay because of the non-mortally wounded death.

Bonus Lesson: Be quiet when you’re behind enemy lines.  No chit-chat, Kathy!

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Learn more about this movie from IMDB.

Another close one!  Audience at 76% and critics at 81% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sky has chosen Ralph Breaks the Internet as the next movie we’ll learn from.

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