The Meg | Episode 11

The Meg was mindless fun, but not something either of us will likely watch again.  Decent action and some beautiful underwater shots, but this didn’t seem to bring anything new to the shark genre.  We did love Statham, though.

Lessons Learned from The Meg

It is another world down there. It’s worth studying, but not worth risking your life or dying for.

  • It’s great checking out a trench nobody’s been to before.  But we have unmanned drones for a reason, people!

The billionaire should keep himself way out of harms way and off in a helicopter or a control booth of some sort.

  • Morris (Rainn Wilson’s character) screwed up by getting in on the shark-chasing action by being on the water instead of flying safely above it.

Learn to swim, especially if your gig involves bodies of water.

  • Taking a middle-of-the-ocean based job without swimming skills?  Not too bright, guy.

Kids hear everything.

  • Yep, 8 year-olds are ever-present and it’s easy to forget that their ears are always perked up to the happenings around them.

You’re never safe until you’re back on land.

  • When you’re dealing with sea-dwelling killers, don’t rest until you’re back on land.  Even if you think there’s only one of them around.

Hold onto the vehicle before the driver accelerates quickly or the momentum will throw you overboard. 

  • Morris screwed up again (and cost him his life) when he failed to remember boating safety 101 and hold on when boats accelerate.

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Critics and audiences are pretty simpatico on this movie with scores of 47% and 56% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes.

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