The Predator (2018) | Episode 15

The Predator is at the bottom of our Predator franchise list, but it’s still worth seeing if you’re a Predator fan.  Not as much suspense, but plenty of gore and action that R-rated movie fans love.  Be ready for some confusing story elements, though.

Lessons Learned from The Predator

Have guns everywhere. Even in the refrigerator in the camper.

  • Yep, be prepared for a Predator invasion.
bullpup assault rifle
A bullpup assault rifle

Be prepared for Armageddon.

  • Going along with Dusty’s first lesson, have guns and supplies in case the end of the world is at your doorstep.

The Predator attacks

Do not take part in secret government projects.

  • EVERYONE involved on the government side eventually dies.  Yep, government at it’s most inept once again.
Dusty’s mounted deer with his sons

Don’t listen to movies when it comes to science, logic, or …

  • Sometimes movies have science advisers.  But it seems that more often than not, the writer is just flying by the seat of his pants and makes the science up.  If it doesn’t pass the sniff test, don’t believe it.

The Predator in his ship

Getting proof of something that others won’t believe is a good idea.

  • McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) had a good plan in sending some of that equipment back home to save as proof of aliens.

Nothing is truly secure when you’re dealing with alien beings.

  • The Predator may have appeared to be securely restrained, but like the lesson above teaches, government ineptitude will be the death of all those involved.

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