Thor: Ragnarok (2017) | Spoiler Review and Lessons Learned #47

Thor: Ragnarok was a fantastic movie!  We both loved the humor and the story, and Hela was a great baddie.  Taika Waititi made a killer MCU debut.

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Lessons Learned from Thor: Ragnarok

Sky: Don’t pick a fight with an unknown.

  • They didn’t know what Hela was capable of, starting a fight with her may not be the best idea.  Learn what she’s capable of first, then beat the crap out of her.

Dusty:  Tell your kids everything they need to now well before you die. 

  • Odin made a huge mistake by not telling Thor and Loki about Hela ahead of time.  Communicate, people!

The whole team with Taika Waititi… exactly what Thor 3 needed!

Sky: Accept your circumstances and move forward.

  • You can’t change what’s happened, just accept it and move on.  Banner was having a hard time on Sakaar at first, but things would’ve gone a bit smoother had he just accepted his circumstances.

Dusty: Don’t fight with coworkers.

  • Nope, not worth it at all. Keep things copacetic.

What a beautiful movie

Sky: Kill them with kindness.

  • Thor constantly trusting Loki and being his brother eventually convinced Loki to be on the side of good.

Dusty: Life is about growth and change.

  • Thor learns and grew through his interactions with Loki, and finally realized that Loki was just going to remain the God of Mischief.

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I guess some of the audience didn’t like this new comedic take on Thor?  Rotten Tomatoes scores for the audience is at 87% while critics are at 93%.

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