The Wrong Missy from Netflix | Spoiler Review #102

The Wrong Missy was a miss in our books. Funny at times, but a bit too much like another beloved (by Sky at least) romantic comedy we discussed, Blended. This is probably one we’ll never watch again, but we had a good time discussing it.

Lauren Lapkus killed it as Missy, and Rob Schneider is always great on screen.

Lauren Lapkus as Missy and Rob Schneider as Komante in The Wrong Missy. Credit: Katrina Marcinowski/NETFLIX

SPOILER ALERT!  Watch the movie before proceeding.

Life Lessons Learned from The Wrong Missy

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Sky: Don’t use easy-to-break passwords.

  • Nate (played by the incomparable Nick Swardson) taught us a great lesson with his constant hacking of Tim’s (David Spade) social media and email accounts.

Dusty: Every good lie has a little bit of truth in it.

  • Not that we’re telling you it’s okay to lie, but if you must, build in some truth to convince others of the lie.

The always fun Nick Swardson playing a hilarious human resources manager.

Sky: Double-check all digital communications.

  • In this day and age, people are losing jobs and relationships are ending through social media mistakes. Think twice before hitting SEND.

Dusty: Never do anything stupid, wrong, demeaning, for money or your boss.

  • Jack Winstone (played by Geoff Pierson) demonstrates exactly how a boss shouldn’t treat employees. You got a boss like this? Get a new job ASAP.

We both agree that rational and calm (Molly Sims’ Melissa) is much preferred over chaotic and crazy (Lauren Lapkus’ Missy).


Rotten Tomatoes scores:

  • The Audience: 52%
  • The Critics: 37%


  • D from Sky
  • D- from Dusty

Check out the IMDB page for more info.

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